Ditali rigati with potatoes

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Pasta ToscanaIngredients for  6 servings



Prep and Cook Time :

30 minutes


– 300 grams of ditali Pasta Toscana

– 500 grams peeled potatoes

– 1 tablespoon chopped onion

– Extra Vergin  olive oil

– A sprig of rosemary

– Vegetable or meat broth

Tomato  paste


Directions :

Put some oil in a large pot (consider you will be also be cooking the ditalini in it) add the chopped onion with the rosemary sprig and let cook until soft and golden. Spill in  the diced potatoes and toss frequently until the cubes are lightly crisp all over.  At this point add the broth and the tomato paste that will give an appetizing flavour and colour to the dish.  When the potatoes are done, add the ditali and let cook for another 10 minutes.  Once the ditalini are ready remove the rosemary sprig and serve with a little olive oil on top and if you like a little bit of “Tuscan Pecorino”.
For an extra touch of Tuscany,  serve in small individual earthenware bowls.

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